Monday, January 16, 2012

Whoa, it's the #1st flight of the A380!

This is so cool! Today's flight to New York is the first ever flight of the A380 from Frankfurt!

They are having a special welcome-reception at the gate for the occasion - I'll be sure to take some pictures!

What a start for the journey...

I had no idea when I booked, so I was totally surprised at check-in this morning. At the moment I am sitting at the comfy Lounge at Frankfurt airport; it's 6:26 in the morning which started at 3:15 (well, earlier actually, since I couldn't sleep well...). It's 20 minutes until the reception, and then it's boarding. I have a window seat on the upper deck.

Update: The ceremony for the inaugural flight was kind of fun. After two dull little speeches, they had chinese drummers and performers doing a lion dance with two big chinese lion-puppets. That was a strange setting in the airport, but it was fun to watch! Wouldn't have expected that for sure! ;-) And they had a big "Frankfurt airport"-cake that they cut up for the passengers to eat - and while most people were watching a stupid red ribbon to the "suites"-class being cut, I got the first piece of cake! :-D Was really good, actually. And they had some other things to eat and drink. I got myself a picture taken before the "first A380 flight Frankfurt - New York" banner :-). They even handed out baggage tags printed with it.

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