Sunday, January 22, 2012

7th day - sunny Sunday

"And on the seventh day god rested"...

Well, this city never really sleeps, and there's a lot to see!

I am on the subway driving back from something really nice. I went to the part of the city called the village, south of midtown , which has a lot of small clubs and restaurants. I had planned on going to a club called le poisson rouge, but it was pretty slow there. I also passed by the famous blue note jazz club, but they also had slow music there. I went into a club called the bitter end, where they had a jam session. Really good musicians , I enjoyed the music.

Other people were coming on the stage, too, some really good , and actually I played "take 5" with them on the piano. That was cool . Folks there were just really nice and friendly . And now I can say I played in New York City! ;-)

I also went to the skyride at empire state building. It's like an Imax virtual helicopter flight. Was pretty cool.

The new york subway won't win any prizes on being modern or beautiful... and I wouldn't have thought I'd be riding busses so often. Well it's 2 o'clock again , time to go to bed!

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