Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Second day (started early...) - Tuesday

It is 4 In the morning here,10 a.m. European time. I'm so done! :-) Have been dancing at a small club.


I have a date with spider man tonight! A perfect musical for Broadway! The stage was truly spectacular! And awesome flying!

The ticket prices are pretty gruesome!! Even at tkts same day prices, which are about half of regular.

Long day, way early morning in Germany right now, but night 's still not over here!

I called home earlier and could also talk with Sonja. That was really nice.

- -

Shopped at the GAP - good deal, nice clothes :-)

- -

It's raining now. I am sitting at the "European cafe" at Times Square having breakfast at 11:30.
Got a basecap at the Hard Rock Cafe against the rain.

- -

I just went jogging in central park. it was about freezing point , but the sun make it really nice. There were lots of joggers and hundreds of people with their dogs playing around. Many people looked very much like in Europe.

Also interesting to see quite a few people on little foldable bikes commuting.

I also saw the ice skating rink and had a beautiful view from the belvedere lookout.

It's really lovely. I just got a taste of the city but I understand why people say they love new york.

On the way back I got a bagel from one of the little street cars.

now I'll take a shower.

Actually I'm starting to love android, too, because most of this text was typed by voice recognition which works amazingly well.
The phone is my link here to the people that mean something to me. It's a way to share something with you.

- -

So I made it until midnight yesterday. As to be expected I was up after three sleeping cycles at 4:30. Now it's 6:00 and slowly getting light outside.

Unexpectedly, the streets are still empty, really calm outside, though it's a normal work day.

So: take a shower and seize the day!

I did all my posts and mail etc. on the smartphone yesterday, which was kind of hard work getting used to it. Laptop is way faster. With the phone I still feel like using a stone hand - axe : -) Homo digitus android novo yorki.

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