Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 8 - happy new year! :-)

I didn't make it for Dec. 31, but I still have new year in New York! Not at Times Square, but with fireworks in China town. Welcome to the year of the Dragon. It's the luckiest animal in the Chinese mythology.

On the way to the ceremony I met a guy from Basel, and we went there together. We were both amused and amazed how unorganized the whole thing started. Sometimes there was music played by one group and from the loudspeakers at the same time, and the american anthem was sung by a man and a woman with about 20 seconds delay to each other...
The ceremony, once it began was pretty nice, with dragons and puppets, chinese musicians and a pretty nice and very loud firework!

After that I went through the little parts of town like little Italy, Soho, Tribeca...

In the evening I packed my bags for the flight back tomorrow night .

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