Saturday, January 21, 2012

6th day - Saturday - New York in white!

The weather forecast actually was right! Woke up this morning and new york was white, a heavy snow blowing through the streets.

Central park was all white, the joggers fighting through the snow, but even they had fun. It was frightening to whatch the taxicab sliding though... All the kids making snow balls or families sledding down the hills ... nice!

I've been at the Metropolitan museum of art today, which was really nice. With the snow I finally get to do the museums that I planned on.

Now I'm actually at the Met Opera, watching "the Enchanted Island", a new production with music by Vivaldi and Handel, and the plots from two shakespearean pieces . The program will begin any minute.

I did not spend the $200, I got a standing place (!) for $24!

the opera was very nice! the actors had world class voices. I'm glad to have been here.

Very much fun was the "decentralized boombox party" ! I read about it in "where " magazine. ,So about 100 people came together , many with boomboxes. One guy had the fm transmitter and broadcasted the music to the others.We started on union square, then took the subway to grand central station all together and went on to the library. Everybody dancing and trucking to the music! That was a cool concept.

Actually I met a guy from Germany and his girlfriend. they studied in Massachusetts, and he 's with Google in New York now.

I did have a little bit of bad luck today, too. Forgot my ID at the hotel so I couldn't go to the after party :-( The guy at the entrance just wouldn't let me in.

My stomach and my back were not feeling really well either.

Also a little plastic bit of my camera broke off - it's still working but I had to fix it with some tape. Looked for it for a whole while, but in the snow and dark - no way.

And two of the staff at the museum where inconsiderate jerks.

I had thought of seeing Woody Allen playing jazz at the Carlyle tomorrow, but tickets were 130 dollars...! *Sheesh!*

2 a.m., good night!

Check out the pictures!

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