Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First day (Monday Jan 16) - and they even made it a public holiday!

Actually, I found out that today is Martin Luther King day. The stores and everything were open though.

When we got over north america at Labrador, the whole land looked like raked by glaciers and ice over millions of years.
The whole of Canada was frozen, all the lakes, the rivers and the mountains. The forests weren't recognizable.
Then we flew over regions I had been three years ago in October: New Brunswick and then followed the St. Lawrence Stream all the way to its' beginning at Quebec city.
I remembered my dad's and my travel along its' side through Ontario and Quebec three years ago, when all the trees' leaves were changing. On the flight map I saw Sept Rivieres, a small city that we had come through.
All the towns and cities looked as frozen by winter as the landscape, nothing moving at all. What a contrast to when we were there. Still, strangely appealing. All this huge amount of land where almost noone lives and can live, except for at the great rivers, the sea and the few roads. I'd like to go there again sometime.

Ok; so, how is flying on the A380? Well, pretty comfortable for sure. The economy seats are pretty spacious, and I especially liked the compartment at every seat's side in the aircraft side. It is spacious enough for a jacket, a small bag, the cushion and blanket, and gives elbow room. The board entertainment is very extensive, too. Could fly around the world a couple of times before being through. The food was alright, but no more than that for my taste.
The aircraft could have more restrooms, though! ;-) And it is improbable to me how much time most people spend in there!! (What do they do? And I probably don't really want to know but they should HURRY UP *dang*! Other people need it, too! ;-))

(Mo, 2:15 pm/8:15 pm Europe) Ok - so now I'm in the City! Sitting at a Deli, eating a turkey sandwich, yogurt parfait and a huge cookie... I've got great hazelnut-flavor coffee in my thermos cup and I already got a phone, a call card and $cash. *Gosh* I was hungry! Hotel seems really fine; checked in, but room wasn't ready yet. So getting all that stuff, I walked around the blocks here through the different phone shops. Seen different famous things already, like Broadway or the theater where the David Letterman show is. Weather is really fine! Blue sky(line). And most people were really helpful and friendly!

The flight was really early! They made 40 minutes headway! Great... my seat neighbor was a girl from Singapore that teaches in New York. I got some really good tips from her, and we shared the cab downtown, so I wasn't ripped off by the cabby! :-)
After dreary Queens, it was a nice view of the Manhattan skyline.

Thanks to Apple it wasn't feasible to get a SIM-card for the iPhone, would have cost too much.
Instead, the best deal I found was with AT&T; with unlimited US-calls on landline and mobile, unlimited SMS text messages and 500 MB data flat. There was a $10 package for international landline-calls available, but not for mobile phones *duh!*. Strange enough, they have an option that if you return the phone that you bought inside 30 days, you get the money back minus a $35 fee... so I practically rented a phone for $35. That's ok I guess, and I'm a "proud" user of an AT&T android smartphone... took some time to get this all set up...

Actually I found out that most electronics are not cheaper here at all compared to Germany. Apple might be an exception.

(Mo, 6:00 pm/0:00 pm Europe) I did check into the hotel, and the room is really nice! I'm tired...

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