Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fourth day - Thursday

So where have I been today?

Walking around a lot. Was in the amazing Chrysler building, was in the beautiful Grand central station , had a great view of all the city from top of the Empire state building and looked at the United nations building . Then I was at Flatiron building and walked miles of fifth avenue... I just say SALES :-)

It was a little stress testing on the credit card...

There are 2 magazines that interesting for finding out what's going on in new york - one is free and is called "where". You can get it at the hotels. The other's called "time out" and can be bought at any news stand. And then there's the "Village voice", which I haven't found yet. It's also free.

Oh yes and I've started using the subway! Took me about 3 * as long as with a cab and a lot more walking too...

Was way past midnight when I got to bed again ...


Some new pictures are up on picasa - mostly skyscrapers and Times Square!

Strange to wake up and know that it's already halfway through the afternoon in Europe.

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