Friday, January 6, 2012

when you've got no news, talk about the weather!

Since this is a topic of some concern to me, here's the forecast of what I am to expect:

* 17/01/12: weather is changing all the time here. After sun all day yesterday , it rained by midnight. It's supposed to be raining today , but fortunately isn't at the moment.

* 16/01/12: first day at New York, a d the weather was great in Germany and there, too - blue sky!

* 15/01/12: tomorrow is it! Ok, the weather forecast changed every day; at the moment I expect clouds tomorrow, no rain, day around freezing point and nights some degrees below.
A lot like here, actually. The days after are predicted about the same - not much rain fortunately!

* 05/01/12: looks a lot nicer! At the moment they have sunshine and 10 °C, and for Jan. 16 they predict sunshine and 2 °C during the day and -5 ° during the night. That's like it could be here.

* 01/01/12: the forecast for Jan. 16 forebode a drastic temperature drop to - 7 / - 14 °C. Aaaah! :-( Don't forget the long john's!! But much can change in that period, and the weather in NY is infamous for drastic changes within hours.

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